KheerGanga - The Natural Hot Water Pool

KheerGanga is a serene meadow situated at an altitude of 2960 meters where lord Shiva's elder son Kartikeya is said to have meditated for 3000 years. The hot springs at Kheerganga are extremely important for Hindu pilgrims as well as many others who believe the waters have sacred healing properties. It takes about 4–5 hours trekking to reach Kheerganga Top which is approx. 12 km from the starting point near Barshaini, 17 km away from Kasol enroute the famous sikh pilgrimage site Manikaran.
It is believed that earlier kheer(a famous sweet dish made up of dry fruits,rice and milk) used to flow instead of water but local people started fighting for it, then later monk Parshurama turned that kheer into water in which today also one can see milkcream and its flake in the water and hence the place got its name Kheerganga.
Kheergnaga hot water pool
KheerGanga is not only popular for its hot springs, but also for the holy River Ganges that surrounds the virgin forests of this place and gushes down mischievously through the verdant forests. The trek to KheerGanga is considered to be the most refreshing with invigorating views on your way up and post the climb you are rewarded with an experience that will make you forget all your pains and aches – a refreshing bath in the natural hot water spring. [Source : Wikipedia]