The Magical MALANA

Malana is an ancient village in Himachal which is isolated from rest of the Parvati valley. The place being notoriously famous for its ancient culture and the purest of Hashish(charas) termed as 'Malana Cream' is among the very few secluded  places in India. The village has its own lifestyle and social structure and people still strictly follow their customs.
Malana village
Malana is a small tribal community of tribal people, who has a unique culture and their own democratic government. Malana village government is considered the oldest democracy in the world. It is believed that the Greeks under the leadership of Alexender the great came all the way to Malana village, where few soldiers who were left behind from his army, intermarried here and developed a society that came to be known as Malana village Society , which is known to be the oldest democracy of the world.  The village has its own law. In recent times no police ever entered the village and they do not have any respect for the outside authority.  Most of the villagers want to stay detached from rest of the world but slowly it is changing and people have started getting mixed up with the outside world.

How to reach Malana :-

The most common way to reach Malana is from Jari. Take a direct Volvo or a HRTC bus from Delhi till Bhunter, Prefer an overnight journey & reach Bhuntar by morning. Use local transport & board a bus to Kasol. Once you reach Kasol, hire a private jeep or a taxi to Malana because beyond Jari you won’t find any public transport to Malana. So, it wouldn’t  be wise to get down in Jari. The jeep or taxi you would hire will leave you till the gates of Malana & the remaining journey will consequently be on foot, It’s just around 4 KMs hike to Malana from this point.

Malana trek

The Kasol-Malana Trek :-

This route reaches Malana via Rashol and covers :
It is the best route to reach Malana and extend beyond Malana till Chandrakhani Pass. Rashol offers some astonishing views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and accommodation is easily available at affordable rates.