Are you an adventure loving person who likes to pump up the adrenaline rush ? 
OR Are you a peace and nature loving kinda person ?
Is your mind in need of a relaxing getaway OR Do you like to party hard ?
Then there’s one place where you should be. You can experience the thrilling adventure activities or you can just lay back and unwind in the lap of nature as this offbeat destination has a lot to offer. The international DJs during the music festivals give a new life to this surreal place that is Kasol.

Kasol is the HotSpot of backpackers, nature admirers, peace lovers and trekking junkies. It is nestled in an enchanting valley on the banks of river Parvati in Kullu, Himachal. Around Kasol there are a lot of treks one can do solo as well in groups. Kasol is a hub for hiking and acts as a perfect base for multiple treks in the Himalayas such as KheerGanga and Malana. It is just an overnight ride away from Delhi.

As they say that mountains are the best escape. So,here you travel with a group of new people, try new cuisine, get amazed by the picturesque, get tripped by the ambience of the cafes, hike along the river Parvati, challenge yourself for a trek to Kheerganga, where the mountains are mighty, the blue sky is our blanket and stars are our companions.           
Kasol is a place devoid of things that will remind you of the nearby hill station Manali. Its a spot that is ideal for honing the "Art of doing nothing". If you want to escape the bustle of city, if you want to finish reading (or writing!) that long pending book or go on short walks or some amazing day long hikes, if you'd like to spend some quality time with your loved ones or sip a malt sitting around a bonfire, or just spend your time watching the magnificent panorama of the snow-clad Himalayas. It is ideal for a few days time off from the real world or even months (if you’re lucky enough to take time off work for that long!). You can keep your base stay (To keep your heavy luggage) at Kasol and move around with a small bag. There is so much to experience in these hills.